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Audrey Cazes-Hardy

Criminal Defence Lawyer

Mrs Cazes studied at Laval University, in Quebec City. She completed a certificate in business administration in 2009, a microprogram in Spanish in 2010 and a bachelor of Law (international profile) in December 2013. She then passed the Bar exam in June 2014.

During business school and law school, Mrs Cazes studied Spanish in order to go to Argentina for six months and study penal business law, common law and criminal law, at the Austral University in Buenos Aires, in collaboration with Laval University Faculty of Law.

Mrs Cazes speaks English, French and Spanish.

Besides her studies, Mrs Cazes devoted herself to many different works and activities through her life,  including teaching snowboarding for 4 years, one amongst which in Whistler, British Columbia, as a CASI level 3 snowboard instructor.

Mrs Cazes became a lawyer in june 2015 and has been a criminal defense lawyer since. She represents her clients defending our constitutional rights. 

She is member of the Quebec Bar.

She is member of Montreal, Laval and Longueuil Criminal Defence Lawyer Association.

She also takes on cases in Ontario.

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